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Post date: Mar 4, 2016 12:41:00 PM

Reading aloud counting books or books with number concepts can support your child’s math learning.

-Helping Your Preschool Child

Pre K Newsletter

March 4th, 2016

Dear Pre K Family,

I am excited about the new writing center I have set up in the room. I have set up an area that includes words, paper, markers, the alphabet and clipboards. I have also labeled different items in the room. For a week I have let them explore the center. Next week I am going to incorporate this center in to our center time. I am going to have them “write around the room” using the clipboards. Once they have written three words they may draw. I am hoping they have as much excitement for this center as I do!

I have made my latest round of phone calls home checking in, and I think that what I will do from now on is write a note or email home. After checking with a few of the parents, this seemed as though it was the preferred method of communication. Parent conferences will be coming up this month, and I again look forward to meeting with you to further discuss the successes of your child. Please see the attached sign up sheet.

Wednesday was Dr. Seuss day and it was a lot of fun. We colored a Dr. Seuss paper, but spent a lot of time reading many of his books, which they truly enjoyed.

Caps for Sale has been the read aloud this week. The children really have enjoyed the naughty monkeys in this story. Check it out the next time you find yourself at the library.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Carrier

Pre K and Title 1 Teacher