Gifted & Talented Program

Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Nichole Pothier (

Gifted & Talented Team

Mary Ann Parkes-Dubois, Teacher

Nichole Pothier, Principal

Program Philosophy

The Gifted and Talented Program is designed to acknowledge the unique skills and talents of third through eighth grade students who have the ability to perform at exceptional levels in the academic areas of ELA, mathematics, social studies, and/or science and the arts. We recognize that students require differentiated educational opportunities and services beyond the regular school program to reach their full potential. We are committed to meeting the needs of these students in ways that foster academic, social and emotional growth. Since we recognize that the enrichment of the curriculum benefits all students, services will be extended in ways that promote the welfare of the entire school population.

Program Abstract

The Beech Hill School Gifted and Talented Program serves those students in grades three through eight with academic ability and/or artistic or musical ability as shown by demonstration of or potential for exceptional achievement. An individualized learning plan (ILP) for each child is developed by the Gifted and Talented Team including the academic teacher, the respective child, and parent(s). This plan includes differentiated instruction within the classroom, as well as independent study and advanced level work for middle school students.

Description of Program

​"Gifted students" refers to students that have potential or demonstrate exceptional achievement beyond their age peers in the regular school program. Gifted students with exceptional ability, aptitude, skill, or creativity are provided with opportunities for individualized programming. The G/T coordinator and team meets with identified students (and their parents) in grades 3-8 to create an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). The G/T coordinator and team also assist classroom teachers with differentiation strategies for identified students. Student identification as gifted and talented is based on multiple indicators that establish >consistent pattern of behavioral, learning, and performance information. As required by Chapter 104, our district uses a minimum of three tools (including NWEA tests, teacher nomination, student questionnaire, etc.) to identify students in each subject area. By the end of second grade, all students are screened for the gifted and talented program in general intelligence, academic subjects, and/or visual and performing arts. Periodic grade-level reviews occur after that. Students may or may not remain in the program throughout the grades. There is a review at the end of third, fifth, and eighth grades.An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is developed by a team consisting of the Principal and two teachers in consultation with the student’s parents. The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) includes an assessment of the student’s strengths, area of focus for the year, goal with specified measurement, resources identified to support the achievement of the ILP, and the adult responsible for assisting the student’s completion of the ILP. For 8th grade students, the ILP also addresses transition to high school. The ILP may include external experiences such as job shadowing or web-based courses.

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