October 8th Newsletter

Post date: Oct 13, 2015 1:05:32 PM

“The ages between birth and age five are the foundation upon which successful

lives are built.”

-Laura Bush

October 8th, 2015

Pre K Newsletter

Dear Family,

This newsletter is a day early because we are going apple picking at Treworgy tomorrow and I wanted to make sure that you received your weekly news!

We have been working on the letter F this week, and where do you start your letters? Yes, at the top! It is so important when children are learning to write their letters that they learn to write them properly. It is so important to their writing fluency for them to learn to write their letters from the top down. If you see them writing at home, be sure to remind them to start at the top.

Front cover, back cover, spine, pages and illustrator are the concepts about books that we have been continuing to learn about this week.

Our math lesson this week has been to create number collages for the numbers one through five. We have also been practicing counting forwards and backwards to and from ten.

The fine motor/sensory centers have been a huge success lately. They have had much fun with them, but also have been able to maintain and build their stamina! Being able to keep their focus and work cooperatively for 10-12 minutes at a time is a wonderful thing for this age group. It teaches them to persevere even when things are a little difficult. It also helps them increase their attention span and work habits for kindergarten work centers for reading, writing and math.

Books we have enjoyed:


Fall Leaves

I am a Leaf

Fall Leaf Project

Up Coming Dates:

10-9th Treworgy

10-12th Columbus Day No School

10-14th School Pictures

10-19th-23rd Scholastic Book Fair

10-22nd Evening Conferences

10-23rd Afternoon Conferences

10-27th School Spirit Day

Confidence: Children must feel good about themselves and believe they can

succeed. Confident children are more willing to attempt new tasks-and try again if

they don’t succeed the first time.

- Helping Your Preschool Child


Mrs. Carrier

Pre K and Title 1 Teacher