October 2nd Newsletter

Post date: Oct 21, 2015 8:28:01 PM

Dear Family,

Good afternoon!

I have begun having a helper of the day and it has been going great! The helper gets to take the attendance to the office, be the line leader, pass out or collect things as needed, and any other odd job that needs to be done. It’s been great for me as well having just one person per day that I know that I can call on for help without seven other voices hollering, “me too!” 

We have been reading the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See? The children are really enjoying the repetitive text in the story. We will be reading this book to our older friends in kindergarten through grade three next week. It should be a lot of fun! I will be sure to take pictures to send home for you.

“Where do you start your letters, at the top!” Have you heard this being sung around the house lately? We had been singing this song before practicing the letter of the week which was the letter L. Next week we will continue to work on our name but introduce the letter F.

Our math lesson this week has been counting from 1 to 10 again. This time we have been singing One Frog Goes Hop. We have been representing the frogs in the song with blocks so they get practice counting to ten and representing the numbers up to ten.

Our small motor/sensory centers this week have been very fun. I introduced the Writing Table as an actual center this week. I had them pick two writing papers from the bucket to complete, then go to the reading rug when they were done. There will be various activities that I will have them do at this center, but this week was simply an introduction. They also enjoyed time with the bead boxes, sand boxes and peg boards.