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Here are some tips that will help you monitor and guide your child’s TV viewing:

·         Think about your child’s age and choose the types of things that you want him to see, learn and imitate.

·         Look for TV shows that teach your child something.

·         Hold his/her interest

·         Encourage him/her to listen and question.

·         Help him/her learn more words.

·         Make him/her feel good about himself

·         Introduce him/her to new ideas and concepts

-Helping Your Preschool Child

Pre K Newsletter

March 18, 2016

Dear Family,

Spring is just around the corner and apparently so is some snow!  Don’t worry; it shouldn’t last long this time of year J

Don’t forget that parent teacher conferences are coming up.  I am looking forward to meeting with you again.

What a messy week we have had.  Ooblick with Ms. Stevens, paint with Ms. Dunn and I, and the shaving cream center. What a lot of cleaning we have been doing in here!  Oh well, isn’t this what Pre K is all about?

Speaking of centers, I hate to ask, but we are running out of a few supplies. If you would like to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated:

Dry erase markers

Shaving cream


We had a lot of fun reading The Gunnywolf. I hope you enjoyed the illustrations they made showing what the book was about (maybe with a few extra details added in for some!)  We will continue to read a book for a week and at the end of the week we will illustrate what the book was about. Next week will be The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Here are a few upcoming dates:

March 21st: Book fair continues

March 23rd: Evening conferences

March 24th: Afternoon conferences

March 25th: No School (Staff In-service)

March 25th: PTC Easter egg Hunt

March 29th: School Spirit Day

Have a wonderful weekend.



Mrs. Carrier

Pre K and Title 1 Teacher




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Playing games that have scoring, such as throwing balls into a basket, requires your child to count.  Introduce him or her to games that use dice or dominoes. Have them roll the dice and count the dots.  Let them try to roll the dice and match numbers.

-Helping Your Preschool Child


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Pre K Newsletter

March 11, 2016

Mrs. Carrier


Dear Family,

Hello again.

This has been another one of those weeks where I just don’t know where the time has gone. 

We have enjoyed the book Down In the Jungle, so if you hear them constantly singing, “boogie woogie here and boogie woogie there,” that’s where it came from!

The write around the room center did not get introduced as planned, but I will try again next week.

Also next week, we will be focusing on some math activities.  It should be lots of fun!

During morning meeting we have share time.  At first I was letting them share a story on an assigned day, but I quickly realized that they were not yet ready for this kind of sharing so I began to choose the topic of their shares.  I would like to try again having them tell us a story they would like to share.  I am not going to assign a day this time, we are just going to “wing it” and see what happens! Wish us luck J

I have sent home parent conference sing ups, but have not received a time from everyone. If you need a new one, please contact me. I so look forward to meeting with each of you.

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Carrier

Pre K and Title 1 Teacher

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Reading aloud counting books or books with number concepts can support your child’s math learning.

-Helping Your Preschool Child


Pre K Newsletter

March 4th, 2016


Dear Pre K Family,

I am excited about the new writing center I have set up in the room.  I have set up an area that includes words, paper, markers, the alphabet and clipboards.  I have also labeled different items in the room.  For a week I have let them explore the center. Next week I am going to incorporate this center in to our center time.  I am going to have them “write around the room” using the clipboards.  Once they have written three words they may draw.  I am hoping they have as much excitement for this center as I do!

I have made my latest round of phone calls home checking in, and I think that what I will do from now on is write a note or email home. After checking with a few of the parents, this seemed as though it was the preferred method of communication.  Parent conferences will be coming up this month, and I again look forward to meeting with you to further discuss the successes of your child.  Please see the attached sign up sheet.

Wednesday was Dr. Seuss day and it was a lot of fun.  We colored a Dr. Seuss paper, but spent a lot of time reading many of his books, which they truly enjoyed.

Caps for Sale has been the read aloud this week.  The children really have enjoyed the naughty monkeys in this story.  Check it out the next time you find yourself at the library.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Carrier

Pre K and Title 1 Teacher





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February 26th, 2016                                                                                                                                                             

Dear Family,


Hello! It’s hard to believe that it is the end of another week. Time sure does fly when you are having fun. 

We had a lot of fun reading the story Mrs. Wishy Washy. We had so much fun in fact that we asked if we could read it to Ms. Henderson’s Kindergarten and First Grade class.  They thought it was pretty funny. 

We also enjoyed making our own kinetic sand this week.  It’s not as easy to clean as the regular stuff, but it smells better! They have found a new interest in playing with the sand because it was made by us in the classroom. (And maybe because it smells so good).

Our science unit this month has been about weather and seasons.  This week we have started our four season trees by painting the tree trunks brown.  Each day we will paint the leaves on for each of the seasons.  It’s a lengthy project but I am excited to see the finished product.  Sorry about all the paint. I hope it is washable like the label says.

IXL for math has been going so well.  Just the other day Mr. Mattos was in our room and he was just amazed at how well the children are doing on their math skills!  I love that it is individualized and each child can work at each skill at their own pace.

Parent conferences will be coming up in March, and I look forward to meeting with you again.  In the meantime, I will be calling to check in early next week.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Mrs. Carrier

Pre K and Title 1 Teacher


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January 15th

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“Rhymes are an extension of children’s language skills. By hearing and saying rhymes, along with repeated words and phrases, your child learns about spoken sound and about words. Rhymes also spark a child’s excitement about what comes next, which adds fun and adventure to reading.

-Helping Your Preschool Child


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Pre K Newsletter

January 15, 2016

Dear Family,

Hello everyone!

I have finished my math assessments and I have also finished my letter id and letter sound id assessments. It has been a busy week for a short week J

This week we have been working on understanding that groups of letters make up words and that words have a beginning letter and an ending letter.  While doing this, we have also focused on what the letter sounds are.  Also, we have been continuing to focus on the fact that the illustrator draws the illustrations in books.  We will continue to focus on this concept until they understand the difference between illustrations and text and author and illustrator.  It is a difficult concept for children of this age to grasp.

Here is a list of books that we have enjoyed this week:

A Little Bit of Winter


A Silly Snowy Day

Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice


Our science unit has been going well.  We have learned that all living things need air, water, and energy; and that plants get their energy from the sun and animals get their energy from the food they eat.  We have also learned that living things grow and move on their own.  We have also talked a little about what is living and what is not living.

In math next week we will be doing a bit of measurement.  We will be using nonstandard units of measurement such as our feet, hands and mittens. 

If you find yourself at Walmart this weekend, our classroom supply of playdoh is running low.  Please do not feel obligated to purchase any, but if you would like to, it would be greatly appreciated.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Carrier

Pre K and Title 1 Teacher


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January 8, 2016

Pre K Newsletter

“Art projects help children to develop the eye and hand coordination they will later need as they begin to write.”

-Helping Your Preschool Child


Dear Family,

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful vacation!  It was so exciting to see the children again and to hear all their stories.  They were tired by the end of the week, but ready to learn and get back into the swing of things again.

We began our first science unit this week!  We have been talking a lot about what living things need to help them survive and grow. I have every confidence that if you ask them the three things a living thing needs they will tell you: air, water and energy!

Bucket filling has been going great!  I have noticed a lot of the children spontaneously complimenting, helping and thanking each other and me this week. It comes so naturally to this group of kids. I am so pleased with their kindness and their good manners.

I have been completing some math assessments this week.  They are doing quite well in the areas I have been assessing: recognizing numerals, representing numbers with objects, comparing groups of objects and counting out objects.  I will continue my assessments into next week as well.

For literacy I have really been focusing on a few key ideas: letter sounds (particularly the letter of the day), illustrations and what they tell us about the story, letters and how a group of letters make up a word.   Here is a list of books that we have enjoyed this week:


The Mitten


The Jacket I Wear in the Snow


The Little Red Sled

Next week, I would like to start a new type of communication.  I have been sending home newsletters weekly and attaching them to the school website. I thought it would be nice if I also made phone calls home.  Obviously, I will not get to everyone in one week, but I will put you on a rotating schedule so I will get to everyone once per month. During our chat, I would just like to check in to see how things are going and if you have any questions or concerns.  If you would rather I did not contact you for any reason, just let me know J


Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Carrier

Pre K and Title 1 Teacher




December 4th Newsletter

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Dear Pre K Family,

As the Holidays draw near you may be doing a lot of baking. If you have the patience, let your child help you out in the kitchen. It is a great science, math and language experience for them.

Speaking of holidays, our holiday concert is coming up very soon-December 9th at 6pm.  The Pre K students just need to dress in their holiday best!  They will be singing two songs for you and do not need to wear any particular style of clothing. It should be a wonderful time.

This week has been SO busy! I have been introducing a couple of new initiatives that have taken my thoughts away from other things. I am sorry that I have forgotten to fill out and send home the behavior charts! I will get right back to that. One of the new things that I have been doing in here is teaching the letters over again using the Handwriting without Tears method.  I recently went to a workshop in Boston with a few teachers from Beech Hill to learn about this and it is amazing!  The children love it and so do I. The other new thing I have been doing in here is Bucket Filling.  As a school we have been talking about how we can fill up other’s buckets with good feelings; how to be a bucket filler and not a bucket dipper. 

Centers have been going well! Thanks to the Cook family for all the shaving cream. We have already gone through a whole can.  We have been practicing our small motor skills and number making skills during these times, not to mention our cooperation skills!

Here are a few of the books we have enjoyed listening to this week:

Five Little Christmas Trees

If You Take a Mouse To the Movies

Froggy’s Best Christmas

Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear

Here are a few dates to remember:

December 4th Report Cards Home

December 9th Holiday Concert

December 16th Holiday Shopping

December 21st Holiday Read Aloud and Activities-Around the World

December 22nd Spirit and Pride Day

December 23rd Noon Dismissal 

December 24th Vacation Begins

Warm Wishes,

Mrs. Carrier

Pre K and Title 1 Teacher


October 30th Newsletter

posted Nov 9, 2015, 7:14 AM by Mary Ann Parkes

Good afternoon!

It was so great to see you all during parent/teacher conferences last week. Please remember that if you have any further questions or thoughts, don’t hesitate to contact me. 

This has been a fun filled week for us in Pre K. On Monday we had our local firefighters come in to teach us all about how to Stop, Drop and Roll, how to dial 911, how to exit a building and the importance of having two ways out as well has having a meeting place once you are safely out.  Pre K was very attentive and really took a lot of information in.  I am sure they told you all about it at home ☺ 

I love teaching children about books! Last week we listened to Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood. This week we enjoyed listening to Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs. While reading these books we talked about stories that start “Once upon a time…” and how could they really happen, and should you do what the main character does in them? We also talked about the parts of the book, including introducing the title.  Every person has a name, and so does every book and it is called the title.

Here is a list of some other books we have enjoyed this week:

My Fire Engine

Fire Engines

I’m Going to be a Fire Fighter

Dot the Fire Dog

As you may have noticed, we  have been working on the letter T this week.  While we work on a letter a week, we review previous letters and discuss all the letters during our morning meeting and as they appear naturally in conversations or books.

For math we have been practicing our counting skills but also we have been using the IXL math program.  IXL is an individual math program that the children can use independently to work on various math skills such as counting and shapes and so much more.  I will be sending home your child’s user name (in blue) and password (in purple) so you can use this program at home if you would like.  Just go to and log on.

Up Coming Dates:

November 1 daylight savings

November 10 Thanksgiving dinner

November 11 Veteran’s Day

November 17 School Spirit day

November 20 End of Trimester

November 23 Thanksgiving break

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Carrier

Pre K and Title 1 Teacher


October 2nd Newsletter

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Dear Family,

Good afternoon!

I have begun having a helper of the day and it has been going great! The helper gets to take the attendance to the office, be the line leader, pass out or collect things as needed, and any other odd job that needs to be done.  It’s been great for me as well having just one person per day that I know that I can call on for help without seven other voices hollering, “me too!” 

We have been reading the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See? The children are really enjoying the repetitive text in the story.  We will be reading this book to our older friends in kindergarten through grade three next week.  It should be a lot of fun! I will be sure to take pictures to send home for you.

“Where do you start your letters, at the top!” Have you heard this being sung around the house lately?  We had been singing this song before practicing the letter of the week which was the letter L.  Next week we will continue to work on our name but introduce the letter F.

Our math lesson this week has been counting from 1 to 10 again. This time we have been singing One Frog Goes Hop. We have been representing the frogs in the song with blocks so they get practice counting to ten and representing the numbers up to ten.

Our small motor/sensory centers this week have been very fun. I introduced the Writing Table as an actual center this week.  I had them pick two writing papers from the bucket to complete, then go to the reading rug when they were done.  There will be various activities that I will have them do at this center, but this week was simply an introduction. They also enjoyed time with the bead boxes, sand boxes and peg boards.

October 8th Newsletter

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“The ages between birth and age five are the foundation upon which successful 

lives are built.”

-Laura Bush

October 8th, 2015

Pre K Newsletter

Dear Family,

This newsletter is a day early because we are going apple picking at Treworgy tomorrow and I wanted to make sure that you received your weekly news! 

We have been working on the letter F this week, and where do you start your letters? Yes, at the top! It is so important when children are learning to write their letters that they learn to write them properly. It is so important to their writing fluency for them to learn to write their letters from the top down. If you see them writing at home, be sure to remind them to start at the top.

Front cover, back cover, spine, pages and illustrator are the concepts about books that we have been continuing to learn about this week.  

Our math lesson this week has been to create number collages for the numbers one through five. We have also been practicing counting forwards and backwards to and from ten.  

The fine motor/sensory centers have been a huge success lately. They have had much fun with them, but also have been able to maintain and build their stamina! Being able to keep their focus and work cooperatively for 10-12 minutes at a time is a wonderful thing for this age group.  It teaches them to persevere even when things are a little difficult.  It also helps them increase their attention span and work habits for kindergarten work centers for reading, writing and math.

Books we have enjoyed:


Fall Leaves

I am a Leaf

Fall Leaf Project

Up Coming Dates:

10-9th Treworgy

10-12th Columbus Day No School

10-14th School Pictures

10-19th-23rd Scholastic Book Fair

10-22nd Evening Conferences

10-23rd Afternoon Conferences

10-27th School Spirit Day

Confidence: Children must feel good about themselves and believe they can 

succeed. Confident children are more willing to attempt new tasks-and try again if 

they don’t succeed the first time.

- Helping Your Preschool Child


Mrs. Carrier

Pre K and Title 1 Teacher

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