Terry McCannell


 Nichole Pothier

 Principal/Curriculum & GT Coordinator

 Liz Flood

 Administrative Assistant/Food Service Manager

 Bruce Brettschneider

 Special Education Director (Otis)/Consultant

 Sue Leighton

 Special Education Director (Mariaville)

 Anne Rosborough

 K-8 Special Education Teacher

 Tasha Amero

 Special Educational Technician II/After School Program Director

 Patricia Mason

 Special Educational Technician II

 Valerie Peer-Cort

 Speech & Language Pathologist

 Occupational Therapist (Otis)


 Carol Jordan

 School Nurse


 Social Worker/Guidance Counselor

 Christie Staples

 PreKindergarten/Title I Teacher

 Brianne Dunn

 Education Technician III/After School Program Director

 Heather Henderson

 Kindergarten & Grade 1 Teacher

 Sally Stanley

 Grades 2 & 3 Teacher

 Anita Black

 Grade 4 Teacher

 Becky Boudreau

 Grades 5-8 Reading & Writing Teacher

 Sarah VanGorden

 Grade 5 Math/Grades 5 & 6 Heath/ Grades 5-8 History & Science Teacher

 Mary Ann Parkes

 Grades 6-8 Math & Science Teacher/Technology Coach

 Patti Haslam

 PreK-8 Physical Education/Grades 7 & 8 Health Teacher

 Jill Kofton

 PreK-8 Art Teacher

 Thomas Stott

 PreK-8 Music Teacher

 Amy Reisman


 Dave Rubey

 Building Manager/Custodial Staff

 Carl Stecher

 Instructional Technology Staff

 Kim Ericson

 Accounts Payable/Payroll Staff

Nearly all of our teachers are Highly Qualified under the No Child Left Behind Act.  You may request to view a teacher's certification and qualifications.